La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

From València, Pram and I took the train to Barcelona. It was an agonizing, four-hour trip because we were sitting in front of obnoxious people. Barcelona provided a great pay-off for our suffering though. I became enamored with Barcelona's architecture, its friendly people, its rich history, and its insane nightlife. I hope to return soon to this city by the sea.

We stayed in a hotel right off the Plaza de Catalunya, the city's main square. I tried to strike a balance between seeing the city and going out and partying. I partly believe that I can party anywhere, so why should I travel 1,000 miles to do so. On the other hand, I also think this is the best way meet the locals. I tried to be somewhat disciplined though, getting in before 7 in the morning. One could easily stay out later; I believe Pram rolled in around 9 or 10 some mornings.

Our typical day involved waking up—early if we didn't stay out too late, early afternoon if we did—and seeing some sights. We ate a late lunch (the Spanish way) with a few courses and some wine, then continued to see the sights until it was time to get ready for the evening. Around midnight, one goes to the bars for a nice chat with new friends; the discos come to life around 3 A.M. My nocturnal tendencies were completely (and overly) satisfied here.