Czech Republic

Europe 2008 Highlights

Basilica San Marco

Vyšehrad, the High Castle

Vysehrad, the High Castle

On our final day in Prague, we visited the Vyšehrad, the High Castle, south of the city center, the birthplace of the city.

Prague Castle

Prague Castle

A visit to the Prague Castle, or Pražský hrad, from the stately cathedral to the dungeons below.

Prague's Churches & Petrin Hill

Prague Churches

For our first full day in Prague, we visited a few churches, explored Petrín Hill, and roamed the streets on this Saturday night.

Touchdown in Prague


We flew a red-eye and landed in Prague in the early afternoon. Wandered around town a little to get our feet wet, but we didn't stray too far in anticipation of the jet-lag catching up with us.

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