Rome, The Eternal City

Castor's Gaze

Europe 2008 Highlights

Basilica San Marco

The Oltrarno

Arno in Florence

On our last day in Florence, we explore the Oltrarno, the opposite side of the river from the center of Florence.

Duomo & Science Museum

Florence Rooftops

Today, we toured the Florence cathedral, the Duomo, and the Science Museum, where we saw Galileo's telescopes and his finger.

Santa Croce & Uffizi

David and his shadow

We toured the Santa Croce church, which holds the Tuscan, and to some degree, Italian, heart and soul. Later, we examined the art of the Uffizi.

Rainy Florence

Umbrellas in Florence

A rainy day in Florence. We visited the Galleria dell'Accademia to see David and took refuge in restaurants for much of the remaining day.

Venice to Florence

Tuscan countryside

We took a morning walk in Venice before boarding the train to Florence.

Rainy Day in Venice

Venetian Dinner

A Venice rainout, we saw a couple museums and tried to avoid getting soaked. But, the Sun came out near sunset and set us up for a magical evening.

Venice Lagoon Tour

Basilica San Marco

Explored the Venetian lagoon and stopped off at the tiny island of Burano. We also visit the San Giorgio Maggiore church and climb its bell tower for a view of Venice.

Venice Via Alps


Today we took the train over the Alps and into the flat plains that deposit us into Venice.

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