New York City

A Visit to Jackson Heights

The renovated Jackson Heights station is almost complete, does it add value to the neighborhood?

Air Conditioning Saves the Train

Air conditioning is a relatively recent amenity for the straphanger. How did people survive without it?

New York Underground

Turnstiles and trains force New Yorkers to spend time in close proximity to one another, which often gives rise to extraordinary moments together. Subway Sojourner is a collection of these moments.

New York City

Brooklyn Bridge

Four days in New York City gave me the opportunity to see my sister, Suzanne, and my friend Don. And, having spent a day here last year, I now felt more confident about roaming around on my own.

The Hudson Valley

New York House

We left NYC and headed into upstate New York on the back roads. We made it to southern Vermont and set up camp outside Bennington.

A Day In New York

A day with Suzanne in New York City.


I drive up to New York City to visit with Suzanne and pick her up on our way to Vermont.

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