New York

The Well Dressed Rat

In New York, some people's pets dress better than you.

Turnstile Surprise

Ever wondered how you look when you pass through the turnstile?

Jumel Mansion and Sylvan Terrace

Sylvan Terrace rowhouses

Close Shave

When personal hygiene is not so personal.

Metrocard Origami

metrocard origami

There is some excellent metrocard origami in the downtown 110th Street station.

New Year's Day

Bethesda Fountain and fog

Going Home

We camped in central Colorado last night and drove straight through to my parent's place outside Philadelphia. It was a brutal drive, made worse by a severe line of thunderstorms that we seemed to follow from Indiana all the way to Pennsylvania. After cleaning up, we drove home to New York City, and Mel was now on his way to becoming a New Yorker.

Urban Brawl

An scuffle brings a foul mood to a subway station.

Tulips at the Rose Center

Tulips at the Rose Center

Afternoon Delight

I caught someone napping on the subway...

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