The Redwood Forest

Redwoods National Park

We visited the Redwoods National Park on the Pacific coast in northern California. Hiked through the forest, walked on the beach, and explored Fern Canyon.

Crater Lake

Crater Lake

Our first stop on our way east is Crater Lake. We explored the rim, hiked to the summit of the park's highest mountain, and camped below a nearby volcano.

Day 24: Mt. St. Helens


We stayed with Andy's friends last night in Eugene, Oregon. The clouds rolled in, but we were not deterred from visiting Mount Saint Helens today.

Day 23: Crater Lake


Crater Lake so impressed us we decided to spend another day here. We continued touring the rim and hiked down to the water to explore the lake by boat with a quick stopover on Wizard Island.

Day 22: Crater Lake


We arrived at Crater Lake National Park and were stunned by its deep, blue color.

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