Cracking Down

It was announced today that the MTA is going to begin enforcing some subway rules with fines. It now costs $50 to put your feet on the seats, $75 to change cars, and $100 if you choose to wear your rollerblades or stand on your skateboard. Are these the most pressing problems our subway faces?

I say crack down on those who choose to use the train and stations as their personal public toilet. As predictable as the sunrise is the sickly smell of urine at the south end of the 79th Street platform in Manhattan. Of course, this is compounded as the train approaches and the rushing air wafts the smell over you—the very thing that will rescue you from the stench makes it worse.

Why not write tickets to those who drop trow in the 137th Street station and leave a gift for New York. I once saw someone piss right on the driver's door on the train. Who is discouraging this activity?

Who is concerned about the amount of trash that litters the stations and tracks. People routinely throw trash onto the tracks which creates flooding, increases fire risk, perpetuates the rat population, and is just ugly to look at. Who will take this issue seriously?

Shouldn't the MTA tackle those issues that affect the health and safety of its riders before worrying about where people's feet are or if someone is dumb enough to wear skates on a moving train?