Problem Child

Yesterday as I was heading for work I encountered one of the worst fates of a straphanger—the problem child. This little child was in its stroller and content for much of the time, but every now and then he would engage in fits of screaming. Thankfully, I had my iPod on which dulled the ear-piercing howls.

Soon, the child began pushing things onto its mother, rejecting whatever she would give him. At one point a wet, stained paper towel was tossed across the car and landed on a woman sitting opposite. The way in which this handkerchief flew through the air caused me to chuckle. The victim's reaction was even better, first looking down at this wet rag on her chest, then picking it up with the tips of her thumb and index finger, and gently placing it on the floor of the train. Apologies were forthcoming and accepted, and I was hard-pressed to contain my laughter.