New Year's Day

Mel and I struck out this afternoon to see the El Greco to Picasso exhibit at the Guggenheim Museum, one of the few museums open today.

This New Year's Day was unexpectedly warm. When we arrived at the museum, we discovered a long line that trailed out the front door, onto Fifth Avenue, and proceeded down 88th Street. Needless to say, we decided to see the Guggenheim another day and strolled over to Central Park. It stopped raining, but the air was saturated and heavy. Rarely do I stroll through Central Park in rainy weather—today I saw a new side of the park.

Fog in Central Park

A foggy New Year's Day in Central Park.

We arrived at the Bethesda Terrace to find a heavy fog lying over the lake. What a sight! If only the fountain was enshrouded in fog too.

Bethesda Fountain and fog

The Bethesda fountain with a foggy lake behind.

Fog on Central Park's Lake

Fog rises over the Lake in Central Park and drifts over the Bethesda Terrace.