Midtown Walk

Photos from an afternoon walk from Hell's Kitchen to the East Side.


Three facades on West 56th Street. In the foreground is balconied residential building followed by a rather generic glass-curtain, then the Carnegie Hall Tower. The Carnegie Tower is among my favorite buildings in the city. It's a slim, high tower and I love the razorlike cornice.

Broadway Bike Rack

This simple, yet stylish, bike rack is on Broadway near Time Square. The light was right for this photo-op.


Reflections from the glass facade of the Museum of Moden Art. The glass is a bit warped.

Trump Tower

Bright clouds reflected in Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue. One of many Trump buildings in New York and, arguably, his most successful architecturally.

42nd Street

Cars speeding along 42nd Street. Photographed from Tudor City, on the east side of Manhattan.

The Secretariat

The United Nations Secretariat building, a 544-foot-tall, 72-foot-wide slab designed by Le Corbusier.