Family Photos

Family Photos

These pages grew out of an interest in my ancestors and preserving all the work my grandfather did to pass down his photos and albums to all of us. Working on this project has brought me closer to all of these people—I now have this odd cast of characters swirling around my head and I know where they lived, who they were friends with, and what they did for fun.

The prime information on these pages are the family albums put together by my grandfather, Schuyler Beattie. They included many of his own photos, but also included many taken in the past and some taken in Ireland, where our roots are traced.

I've also included the photos as separate objects as well as family tree information.

Albums & Photos

Family Albums

The albums' photos span from the late 19th century to the mid 20th century. They also include ancillary information like newspaper articles and souvenirs. These include the Guy Beattie Family album, the Keenan Family album, Schuyler Beattie's album from birth to marriage, Schuyler Beattie's Family from 1941-1956, and his Western Trip of 1957.
Then and Now Photos

Farm at Schuyler Flatts

Some photos of the important places from the past, including Schuyler Flatts, alongside some photos of these locations from more recent times.
Places via Google Earth

Family Places in Google Earth

These photo albums provide us with the locations of many of the places that were part of their lives. I have compiled these in a Google Earth layer (KMZ file) which you can download and open from Google Earth.
Family Tree

Family Tree

The family tree consists of over 350 people in the Beattie, Keenan, Killough, Mehan, and McCahon families. Its earliest members were born in the early to mid-1700s. Download charts and the database.