Europe with the Family

We're finally going to Europe together! After ten years of talking about going, all four of us will embark on our first family trip since I was a teenager.

Years ago, my parents asked me and my sister, Suzanne, where we'd like to go. I chose Venice and Suzanne chose Ireland. Years later, I am sticking with Venice—I've longed to see the canals of Venice. Suzanne switched just a few months ago to Prague. This decision shocked my parents, who seemed to have an opinion of Prague that was tainted by the Iron Curtain.

With Prague and Venice on the itinerary, it made sense to see Vienna, which my Dad embraced as his city, and farther south, Mom's heart was set on Florence. We will travel to these four cities and back in a little more than two weeks, beginning in the north with Prague, then we will travel south to Vienna, over the Alps and to the sea where Venice awaits, and, finally, to Tuscany's capital, Florence.

Prague, Czech Republic

Number 1 marker on map Prague, Czech Republic

8–12 May 2008

Vienna, Austria

Number 2 marker on map Vienna, Austria

13–15 May 2008

Venice, Italy

Number 3 marker on map Venice, Italy

16–19 May 2008

Florence, Italy

Number 4 marker on map Florence, Italy

20–24 May 2008